Sunday, 25 September 2011

A Little Vintage Look around

Had a great day today, went to Vintage Village at Salford Museum and Art Gallery with mom, it was a really great place to have a vintage fair and there was loads of stalls to browse.  I'm half glad a lot of vintage stuff is made for slightly smaller ladies otherwise I could have spent a fair bit as there were loads of lovely dresses and lots of coats that I was lusting after.  Anyway I did purchase some scarves ( I have a thing about scarves I have about 60 in total) and now 3 more to add to it.  There were all £1 each and I have plain V neck jumpers in each of the colours that would go perfect with them.
I also bought a brooch for £2.00 which was put in a fab handmade gift bag made out of newspaper.

Gift bag

 I also bought another brooch I couldn't resist for £3.00 knocked down from £4 as I'd bought the scarves from here as well.  It needs a bit of a clean but other than that I really like it.
After a coffee and a cake in the tea shop we went to see the victorian street that they have in the Museum, wow it seems really authentic and working in a Museum myself Ive seen a lot of exhibits that don't really live up to the hype but this one does.  Couldn't get many pics really as it was a bit dark for my phone camera but there was a replica pub, room sets and shops.
Set for tea.

Pub - not much changed there then.

Olde style shelf stacking

oooh a shop selling fans!

Then back to moms for a coffee and a play with this little fella!

So a really good day, stopped at the Co-op on the way home and got a few bargains so as I am off work tomorrow I am going to have a batch cooking day and a freezer sort out.

Time for Spooks then Downton Abbey with a nice brew - I do love Sunday night TV.

Bye for now.