Monday, 26 September 2011

Another spend day grrrrrr

Well another day where I had to spend money, two presents to buy one for a male friend so decided on vouchers from All Saints as I know he will shop in there - he's very fussy and I wouldn't dream of buying him clothes really also picked up a funny book and some jelly beans!!

Secondly it's my friends little boys 5th birthday, I'm his honarary Auntie M.  Decided to team up with his other honarary Auntie Sue Sue and club together for his pressie which is a fireman sam engine, figures, dvd and a felt jungle book which reminds me of the felt boards I used to play with when I was younger so I couldn't resist.  Spent £35 on the first pressie and £22 on the second although my friend is going halves with me on the second, so final costs for today are

Presents - £46!!!
Lunch - £3.26 (sausage roll, tuna sandwich and a vanilla slice) I know I know!! bad girl
Garnier make up and moisturiser - £1.98 (had a £10 voucher so thought I would try that new garnier BB stuff which was £8.99-will let you know if its any good)

Total - £51.24 flamin eck good job I luv em.