Wednesday, 21 September 2011

List update!!

Okay lets see what/if I actually acheived yesterday from my list.

1. Finish sorting out kitchen cupboards - Yep finished list as you can see below:

Spice cupboard before

Baking cupboard before

Spice cupboard after

Baking cupboard after - hmmm not such an improvement on this but as I am hoping to do more baking this weekend and use up some stuff.
2. Clean cooker (oh god hate this) - noooooooooooooo will leave for friday i think
3. General kitchen clean including kitchen floor (hate this as don't have a mop so its a hands and knees job, thank god its only small!!) - done
4. Tidy livingroom - partly I got distracted by Aussie Masterchef!!
5. Put washing on (bedding mostly) - done
6. Change bedding - no am leaving till Friday
7. Hoover all of flat (not done for over a week so desparately needs doing) - nope will do on Friday
8. Clean bathroom - Done
9. Take Recycling out - Done
10. put soup on for lunch tomorrow - Done
11. Iron stuff (only two days at work this week so just two days worth - Done

Seven out of ten aint bad!!