Thursday, 22 September 2011

Chicken Dinner

Made a nice chicken and bean casserole in the slow cooker, bit of an experiment really using stuff I had lying around (rather than throwing it away for once), and decided to cost it out too.  Excuse the burnt stockpot it always goes like that!.

2 x chicken breasts = £2.66 (its 8 for £6 is that good value i'm not really sure, i'm not very good with meat prices really.
handful frozen onions = 15p
half can plum tomatoes = 7p
half jar pasta sauce = 20p
half jar baked beans = 20p
dried herbs = 1p
tin of canneloni beans = 20p
Total cost = £3.49 for three portions so £1.16 per portion.

Served with Rice and some rocket cost = £1.30 that seems okay to me but I bet I could do it cheaper.