Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Lists, lists and more lists!

Well slept in today till 10.30am not happy as wanted to be up with the lark to start my decluttering.  Never mind I must have needed the sleep.

So have decided to start this morning by writing some lists and I think this will help me if I can see some things being ticked off it will spur me on to try the tick everything off the list so here goes.....

1. Finish sorting out kitchen cupboards (did most yesterday just pan and under sink cupboards to do)
2. Clean cooker (oh god hate this)
3. General kitchen clean including kitchen floor (hate this as don't have a mop so its a hands and knees job, thank god its only small!!)
4. Tidy livingroom.
5. Put washing on (bedding mostly)
6. Change bedding
7. Hoover all of flat (not done for over a week so desparately needs doing)
8. Clean bathroom
9. Take Recycling out
10. put soup on for lunch tomorrow.
11. Iron stuff (only two days at work this week so just two days worth - hate ironing)

ooooh and last but not least pop across to charity shops and cheapo shops to have a mooch, on the look out for some xmas pressies.

So lets see how many I can tick off today, well definately the very last one as I'm off to do that right now.

See you later