Monday, 3 October 2011

New frugal week, New frugal start!!

Well that was my statement to myself as I lay awake at 4am this morning unable to get to sleep for the 5th night running, Maggie Thatcher may have been able to cope on less than four hours a night but not this gal, beauty sleep is very much needed I think.
Anyway about this new start, yesterday I threw away the following:
1 x full head of celery
1 x half cucumber
half a bag of spinach
full bag of rocket
nearly full pack of polenta
full pack of radishes
full bunch of spring onions
tub of houmous
half a tub of coleslaw

All in all about £5.00 worth of good food just gone to waste just because I couldn't be bothered to either prepare and eat it or prepare and freeze it.  I know it doesn't sound a lot but that could pay for a nice coffee or glass of wine at the weekend so I have had a good look and have decided that apart from Yoghurt, milk, apples and rocket I won't be buying anything else till all the food I have already is used up.  I have a few meals in the freezer that I batch cooked last week, some bits in the fridge and my pantry cupboard is full with pasta, cous cous, beans, rice and noodles so I am sure I can come up with lots of meals for the next couple of weeks especially from all the great blogs Ive been reading lately.

Speaking of food its now 10.30pm and I have forgotten to eat dinner (that is not like me, i'll put it down to tiredness) so I'll have a banana as I can't face anything else.

So porridge for breakfast with a banana, Just used up new potatoes, to have with a boiled egg and tomato salad and a pack of low fat chilli crips that Ive just found in the cupboard for lunch tomorrow, have taken out a chilli and will have that with Jacket potato and rice for dinner.

So NO spending this week on food, fingers crossed I can do it.

Night all.